We created the Moods CD's for relaxation and pleasure.

We wanted to allow for 6 different sets of sounds, not just one sound endlessly repeated.

So we constructed two CD's, each with three different 'sound landscapes'.

Each soundscape lasts for just over 20 minutes (that is a 60+minute CD).

Not only that, we produced 2 sets of CD's, one set with sounds only and another set containing soothing music.

Moods CD1: Galleon/Winter Nights/Sea-shore

MoodsCD2: Lazy Days/Rain Forest/Train

MusicMoods CD1: Galleon/Winter Nights/Sea-shore

MusicMoods CD2: Lazy Days/Rain Forest/Train

Moods CD1 and Moods CD2 cost 8.99

MusicMoods CD1 and MusicMoods CD2 cost 9.99

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