Personal views on the World in which we are 'forced' to live.
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I am a writer. I have always been a writer. I will always be a writer. It is a gift of my humanitarianism. It is a gift bequeathed to me by my parents and those who went before. I have no choice but to accept. I offer these essays as my contribution to the world upon which I was thrust. With no understanding at birth, I sought my own way. I will continue that way until I perish. These essays are the result of my many experiences and a very wide reading of literature. I hope they will provide a little insight to those who care for some 'enlightenment' .
Thank you for taking the time to read any of  them.
Peter Kenneth Sharpen
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These articles are in no particular chronological order apart from those labelled 'Latest Articles'.

 I own the copyright to these articles, of course, unless otherwise stated. However, they may be copied and posted elsewhere as long as my full name is attached and the source appended (this site).I am keeping this site as simple as possible.


 'Political correctness':
    I am opposed in principle to this notion. It stifles free expression (which is why it was invented). I do not 'hate' anyone. I do, however, despise people controlling others, however it is done.

Affiliation: I am not and have never been affiliated with any religious/political group or organisation whatsoever. I have never voted for any entity to take control of my life.

Contact me:
 If you wish to contact me regarding any of my essays, you are most welcome to do so. However, I will not tolerate any 'hate' mail. If not positively constructive, or healthy criticism, messages will be junked. I am not in the business of denigration. Please use correct English with capital letters and full stops. No 'smilies' or inexplicable 'lol'-type acronyms. It this is too much, then please, do not bother.
If you would like to ask a question, or an opinion, then please do so.

If you value any of my opinions, you are welcome to suggest a topic for an article.

I  can be contacted at sharpen at f2s dot com  please use the title of the essay in your subject line.

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